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Most people would like to buy residential property with their SSAS but this is only allowed in certain circumstances – the residential part of the property must be an integral part of the commercial part of the property. An example of this would be a flat above a shop which is occupied by the shop manager as part of their terms of employment. It’s important to remember here though that the employee can’t be connected to any SSAS member!

If you would like some more information,  read our property guide by clicking here.

You certainly can.  A lot of people have other pension plans, either from old jobs they used to have or a plan they contribute to now. These can be transferred into a SSAS.

We keep our fees transparent and fixed. We do not provide administration on a time cost basis and our fees are agreed with new clients during our initial discussions. The reason for this is that a SSAS worth £6,000,000 with lots of different investments needs lots more administration than one worth £90,000 with 1 investment. It isn’t fair to charge the same fees to both of these clients is it! We speak to you about fees in our first discussion and can give you a quotation once we understand what you are trying to do with your scheme and have an idea of how much work is needed. By the way, we are not sales people so will never give you a hard sell – we give you the facts plus a quote and leave you to decide if you want to proceed.

We are very competitive and we are sure you will be very happy with both the price and service quoted by us.

Some administration companies may do this for you but unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you with a SSAS in this instance. Our interpretation of the rules is that a SSAS is an occupational scheme to provide benefits for its employees. If the company is not trading, it doesn’t have trading income. Without that, it’s not paying any staff and therefore, it has no employees. If you are however creating a legitimate trading company then that is different and we certainly can help you!

If your SSAS is already set up – that is also different and we may be able to help you with that.  It’s not unusual for a SSAS to have a sponsoring employer that has dissolved since the scheme was set up and this is no problem.

That is a good question! We have written a guide to fully explain what a Scheme Administrator so click here and have a read.


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