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Pension Admin has been helping people set up and run SSASs for nearly fifteen years. Find out a little more about what makes us tick.

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A bit of our history…

PensionAdmin Ltd was formed in 2009 by Karen Blackwill-Davies. Karen has been a SSAS administrator and professional trustee for over 25 years.

Karen felt the industry was lacking in companies that didn’t work on a “call centre” mentality. A lot of people were paying way too much for a very average service and PensionAdmin works in the absolute opposite way to that.

At PensionAdmin, we provide a service where clients are priority, and they receive a 5-star personal service. We are a professional trustee, and we provide smashing technical guidance for SSASs, but we also focus very highly on customer service with a very personal touch.

We deal with clients directly and we also deal with professional contacts such as IFAs, accountants and solicitors.

A lot of people think pensions are boring, too technical and complicated. Our opinion is that if you employ the right administrator, who translates jargon into something you can understand, you are on to a good start.

We want to help you with your SSAS, whether you already have one or if you require a new scheme. We want to make it a pleasure to save and retire using a SSAS in a way which doesn’t require an IQ of over 160 (that officially classes you as a “genius” by the way).


For us it’s personal

Our clients always speak to the same person who knows all about them and their scheme and they pay fixed charges for a quick, complete service. We are very proud to say that we have not lost a single client since we began, and all of our clients have come from word of mouth and recommendations.

We have a lovely team of administrators waiting to help you so please get in touch.

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What our clients say…

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